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Chagos Islets

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Managers House.JPG (201 KB) Manager House.JPG (128 KB) arches.JPG (196 KB) well.JPG (127 KB) old arches.JPG (197 KB) cemetery cross.JPG (125 KB) Boddam cemetery.JPG (220 KB)
Manager's House Manager's House Arched Doorways Well Old Wall Ile du Coin Ile Boddam

rocky shore.JPG (189 KB)

sandy beach.JPG (121 KB)

Boddam lagoon.JPG (192 KB)

Fig.JPG (201 KB)

Wreck.JPG (173 KB)

Takamaka.JPG (126 KB)

reef.JPG (195 KB)
Rocky Shore Sandy Beach Boddam Lagoon Fig Tree Wreck Takamaka Tree Windward Reef

Mapou.JPG (220 KB)

anchorage.JPG (191 KB)

walk.JPG (223 KB)

mossy.JPG (113 KB)

epiphyte.JPG (139 KB)

red blue.JPG (245 KB)

surf.JPG (213 KB)
End of Islet Old Jetty Coconut Trail Mossy Trunks Epiphyte Red & Blue Corals Surf on Reef