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Chagos Cruisers

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Ile Fouquet.JPG (139 KB) Ambler.JPG (210 KB) Kati.JPG (206 KB) prime sequence.JPG (191 KB) Canon.JPG (168 KB) kids.JPG (200 KB) Zebedee.JPG (147 KB)
Anchorage "Ambler" Beach Stroll Prime Sequence Canon in D Kids Party "Zebedee"

Out of the Bag.JPG (207 KB)

Lennard rowing.JPG (201 KB)

Mariposa.JPG (132 KB)

Lennard.JPG (122 KB)

Emily.JPG (121 KB)

placemats.JPG (187 KB)

climbing.JPG (203 KB)
"Out of the Bag" Rowing Cleaning Fish Cooking Cooking Sewing Climbing

fishingtrip.JPG (199 KB)

Suza.JPG (189 KB)

newdinghy.JPG (201 KB)

Franz.JPG (132 KB)

ambling.JPG (216 KB)

Sunset Beach.JPG (173 KB)

Potluck.JPG (139 KB)
Bottom Fishing Photo Walk New Dinghy Franz Ambling Sunset Beach Last Potluck