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Chagos Crabs

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on guard.JPG (220 KB) hermit crabs.JPG (221 KB) Hermit.JPG (196 KB) feisty.JPG (197 KB) shell.JPG (204 KB)
Little Guy Hermit Crabs Big Hermit Feisty Shell Carrier

reddish.JPG (232 KB)

crab in hole.JPG (183 KB)

out of hole.JPG (215 KB)

water-sand.JPG (214 KB)

water edge.JPG (199 KB)
Reddish In Sand Hole Out of Hole Sand Edge Rock Edge

little coconut.JPG (207 KB)

juvenile.JPG (212 KB)

coconut crab 2.JPG (223 KB)

coconut crab 3.JPG (228 KB)

blue coconut crab.JPG (219 KB)

blue crab.JPG (179 KB)
Young Coconut Crab Coconut Shell Coconut Crab Coconut Crab Blue Coconut Crab Blue in Hole