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Chagos Birds

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White-tailed Tropic Bird.JPG (125 KB) Bridled Tern.JPG (164 KB) terns.JPG (186 KB) White Tern.JPG (117 KB) White-cheeked Tern.JPG (136 KB) Black-naped Terns.JPG (192 KB) Black-naped Tern.JPG (139 KB)
Tropic Bird Bridled Tern White Terns White Tern White-cheeked Tern Black-naped Terns Black-naped Tern

Boobies.JPG (141 KB)

nesting booby.JPG (220 KB)

Red-footed chick.JPG (210 KB)

Red-footed Booby.JPG (96 KB)

Red-footed Boobies.JPG (226 KB)

Booby pair.JPG (193 KB)

booby flying.JPG (109 KB)
Soaring Boobies Nesting Booby Red-foot & Chick Red-footed Booby Red-footed Boobies Red-footed Pair Flying Booby

Lesser Noddy yawning.JPG (182 KB)

two Frigate Birds.JPG (200 KB)

Frigatebird.JPG (132 KB)

frigates.JPG (181 KB)

Frigate Noddy.JPG (205 KB)

lagoon.JPG (206 KB)
Lesser Noddy Frigates Frigate Bird Frigates Frigate & Noddy Boddam Lagoon