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Chagos Fish

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Black-tipped.JPG (203 KB) feeds sharks.JPG (191 KB) sharks.JPG (220 KB) shark lure.JPG (70 KB) shark line.JPG (138 KB) Remoras.JPG (107 KB) Moray.JPG (212 KB)
Black-tipped Shark Shark Feeding Feeding Frenzy Shark & Lure Shark on Line Remoras Moray Eel

Snapper.JPG (161 KB)

Emperor.JPG (171 KB)

Coral Trout.JPG (163 KB)

Nina Snapper.JPG (121 KB)

squid.JPG (206 KB)

Camouflage Grouper.JPG (170 KB)

parrotfish.JPG (211 KB)
Snapper Emperor Coral Trout Nina & Snapper Squid Grouper Parrotfish