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Gaua Island

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JohnStar Jonathan (50 KB) Johnstar Family (78 KB) Water Music (64 KB) Old Foundation (82 KB) Nafarak Seeds Laplap Cutter (27 KB) Tatoo Designs (74 KB)
Chief Johnstar Johnstar Family Water Music Old Foundation Laplap Cutter & Seeds Tattoo Designs

Shooting Doves (80 KB)

Banyan (77 KB)

Blocks (66 KB)

Pounding Kava (71 KB)

Feast (73 KB)

Feast 2 (81 KB)
Shooting Doves Banyan Tree Blocks for Clinic Pounding Kava Independence Day Feast

Cracking Nangai Nuts (74 KB)

Pounding Nangai Nuts (70 KB)

Lesalav (54 KB)

Chief Reginald (53 KB)

Nali Nuts (52 KB)

Nuts on Tree (59 KB)
Nangai Nuts Nangai Nuts Chief Reginald Chief Reginald Nali Nuts Nali Nuts