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People Seen on Trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake

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cuttingfirewood (175 KB) Baby on Back (116 KB) Two Girls (112 KB) Pail on Head (131 KB) Woman Boy (119 KB) Smiling (125 KB) threshing.JPG (188 KB)
Cutting Firewood Baby on Back Two Girls Water Pail Woman & Boy Big Smile Threshing

Boy Rider (120 KB)

schoolboys (206 KB)

Young Monks (115 KB)

evening lessons (178 KB)

Head Monk (130 KB)

Group Kids (220 KB)

buffalo boy (111 KB)
Buffalo Boy Schoolboys Young Monks Evening Lesson Head Monk Five Kids Buffalo Boy

Young Woman (127 KB)

Baby Sling (119 KB)

Oxcart (200 KB)

Hoeing (247 KB)

Oxcart Coming (177 KB)

Man Boy (112 KB)

stationmaster (108 KB)
Young Woman Baby in Sling Oxcart Hoeing a Field Oxcart Man & Baby Stationmaster