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Golden Lily.JPG (110 KB) monastery.JPG (102 KB) sunset.JPG (120 KB) hilltop shrine.JPG (92 KB) monastery image.JPG (129 KB)
Golden Lily Monastery Sunset Moon & Shrine Monastery Buddha

cold vendor.JPG (113 KB)

dried fish.JPG (120 KB)

market.JPG (112 KB)

flower vendor.JPG (126 KB)

chicken chopper.JPG (122 KB)

market lady.JPG (116 KB)
Chilly Vendor Dried Fish Market Folk Flower Vendor Chicken Chopper Market Woman

Bus-Truck.JPG (112 KB)

Road.JPG (45 KB)

Overturned Truck.JPG (83 KB)

Flat Tire.JPG (78 KB)
Bus-Truck Bagan Road Overturned Truck Flat Tire