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Lacquerware Plate


San Thi Dar
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Lacquerware plate

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Outside Gubyaukgyi Temple in Myinkaba this lacquerware plate has a traditional "days of the week" design showing the animal associated with each day. Wednesday is divided into two, with the morning and evening having different elephant signs. Burmese superstitions attach great significance to the day of the week on which a person is born. We learned that Burmese would almost never marry if their birth days had incompatible signs. We do not believe in this scheme, which is fortunate because our birth days are supposedly incompatible. Nina was born on a Sunday which is the day of the Garuda, while Jerry was born on a Saturday which is the day of the Dragon. According to one source the Garuda is an enemy of the Dragon and it makes an "unhappy time if a Garuda marries a Dragon."