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Bahamas 1995 - Georgetown and Long Island Races

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sailing to starting line.JPG (27 KB) starting from anchor.JPG (62 KB) limited visibility.JPG (63 KB) Rupert's Legend.JPG (24 KB) rounding the mark.JPG (41 KB) unreefed and reefed sails.JPG (47 KB) Lady Muriel.JPG (37 KB)
Sailing To Start Anchored Start Limited Vision "Rupert's Legend" Mark Rounding Unreefed & Reefed "Lady Muriel"
Tida Wave in Georgetown.JPG (28 KB) Tida Wave downwind wing and wing.JPG (52 KB) sun in the sail.JPG (68 KB) waving to spectators.JPG (111 KB) Silent Partner flew its prys over our dinghy davits.JPG (67 KB) sailing fast at Long Island.JPG (54 KB) Tida Wave.JPG (23 KB)
"Tida Wave" Wing & Wing Sunny Sail Waving Prymen "Silent Partner" Sailing Fast "Tida Wave"
downwind to the mark.JPG (51 KB) hiking out on the pry.JPG (58 KB) Slaughter comes at us.JPG (45 KB) smaller boats without jibs.JPG (54 KB) speedy little boat.JPG (33 KB) sinking.JPG (60 KB) rescuing the swamped boat.JPG (80 KB)
Downwind Hiking Out "Slaughter" No Jibs Speedy Sinking Rescue