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Travels With Sara & Nico

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Great Ocean Road.JPG (69 KB) Apostles Rocks.JPG (47 KB) Campfire Steaks.JPG (79 KB) Home Schooling.JPG (77 KB) Cooks Cottage.JPG (101 KB)
Great Ocean Road Apostles Rocks Campfire Steaks Home Schooling Cook's Cottage

Acubra Hat.JPG (72 KB)

Bird Hide.JPG (83 KB)

Sand Dune.JPG (36 KB)
Acubra Hat Bird Hide Sand Dune

Canberra.JPG (76 KB)

Flooding.JPG (79 KB)

Sara Surfing.JPG (51 KB)

Nico Surfing.JPG (51 KB)
Canberra Flooding Sara Surfing Nico Surfing