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Kruger National Park

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Breakfast (144 KB) fallen-branch (142 KB) Lookout (148 KB) Baobab (105 KB) Lunch (165 KB)
Breakfast Roadblock Lookout Baobab Lunch

Wash-out (151 KB)

River (119 KB)

Carmel-Elephant (105 KB)

termite-mound (108 KB)

Jerry-Resting (190 KB)
Bridge Out River Carmel Termite Mound Jerry Resting

overturned-car (144 KB)

Capricorn (211 KB)

Campsite (180 KB)

Anniversary (174 KB)

Sunset (120 KB)
Overturned Car Tropic of Capricorn Campsite Celebration Sunset

Map1 (53 KB)

Map2 (53 KB)

Map3 (50 KB)

Map4 (180 KB)
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