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This website was originally intended to keep our friends and families informed about what we were doing. Now it is a record of what we did. This tells about our travels, people we met and places we saw. We hope you find the accounts and photos interesting. Please keep in mind that background information is often sketchy and not thoroughly researched, and opinions expressed are personal. Please do not take offense at any of our comments and do not consider our words as totally complete and accurate. Much more information on most of these topics is available and you should not rely on just this source.

We have made no attempt to block people from copying but we maintain ownership of all these pages and their contents. If you want to have copies on your own computer or printed out for reference when you are not connected to the Internet, we don't mind. However, we do not want any of our words or images distributed widely without our explicit permission. Please do not extract bits of our site into files which you forward or publish in some other way. Instead, send our website address or links to your friends and recommend they visit here themselves.

Our photos available on-line are generally reduced to 640 x 480 pixels. Our cameras usually captured more and if you want copies of high quality we may be able to provide copies of larger JPG files. Also, the photos which are available on-line are just a selection of those we have taken. If you are interested in some particular subject, we may have more photos available which you might like to view. Our letters are often long but there are some things we know which are not in these letters. In short, if you want more details, more pictures or higher quality images contact us.

We can be contacted via email but since we are often traveling and away from Internet services we may not be able to reply quickly.