Jerry's Cruising Poems

Sea Treasures

The first light of dawn paints gray cloud edges gold,
Then the color spreads out, growing brighter and bold.
As the sun rises up it pours rays on the sea
And a river of gold seems to roll right to me.

The sun at high noon is too bright for the eye,
Its golden fire burning a hole through the sky.
Although this gold cannot be held in the hand
A bit will remain in my skin as a tan.

Each wave has a sparkle, each trough has a glow,
My sailboat plows riches from waters below.
And then at the sunset there's gold everywhere
Spread on clouds and on waters to brilliantly glare.

It fades away slowly, and dark comes at last.
The shower of riches seems all in the past.
But then the moon rises and spreads on the sea
A blanket of silver, more riches for me.

The fishermen's nets capture silvery fish,
To serve in the morning on many a dish.
The stars shine like diamonds, set up there so high
They cannot be taken and hid from my eye.

These riches remain for us all to enjoy ‑
So much longer lasting than baubles or toys.
Each day provides treasures for those who can see.
Sailing over the ocean, one witness is me.