Jerry's Cruising Poems

Saving the Best for Last

I had a jar of jelly once, made by a friend of mine.
It was a treasure in my fridge saved for a special time.
With skill and care he'd made it great, presented it with love.
Compared to supermarket jams his was a cut above.

But then he came and found it there, was angry it was left,
Said “If it's good then use it up! Don't only eat the rest!”
I saw his point. It might go bad or somehow lose its taste.
To never try the finest stuff would be the saddest waste.

Why do we sometimes save a wine forever in the dark,
Or never wear our finest clothes for fear of rip or mark,
Or polish heirloom silver bowls that never hold a crumb,
Or keep a parlor always new - in case the Queen should come?

If you have saved a cruising dream, perhaps it's time to go.
No telling if the chance will keep, how fate will bend life's flow.
Create your list of things to do, start crossing them off fast,
Then leave the dock and sail away. Don't save the best for last!