Jerry's Cruising Poems


The “Ronin” has no overlord to say where she must go.
Her course is only set by two adventurers we know.
They broke away from decadence, from cities full of strife,
To seek the fundamental truths and beauties of this life.

They used tough steel for “Ronin” for crossings hard and long.
She’s comfortable, seaworthy, and beautiful as song.
They loaded her with tools and books and many little treasures
For years of travel round the world and exploration pleasures.

They sail together as a team, each knowing what to do
To complement the other’s roles and form a perfect crew.
They keep a careful watch at sea and daily turn their eggs.
They stay in shade to not get burned on heads and arms and legs.

They do not visit places which the guidebooks recommend
Because those spots are crowded by more ordinary men.
They wander off the beaten paths to visit simple homes
Where they make friends and learn the ways of cultures not their own.

They wear old clothes in scruffy towns - no muggers look their way -
Toast fishermen and farmers in dark waterfront cafes.
They speak the truth to others who are also cruising seas
'Cause sharing what we know can clarify some mysteries.

They carry on traditions started in the olden days
Bring gifts to new arrivals and a helping hand always.
We met in Portobello, hearing birds in early morn,
Enjoying the fiesta, locals dancing up a storm.

They helped us pass through Panama, easing our canal fright,
Brought “Arctracer” into new seas and bright Pacific light.
They’re bound for Easter Island, though El Niño reigns this year.
Their voyage may be squally and anchoring may cause fear.

We know they’ll come through safely with the wind in “Ronin's” sails,
Bring new art works and memories of calms as well as gales.
We hope to see them soon again and lift some mugs of beer,
Hear tales of high adventure and bold dreams for future years.

Written in Panama in 1998 for Gerd and Birgit.