Jerry's Cruising Poems

Marina Bound

We just love our new marina -
So secure, so clean and neat!
Long hot showers every day now -
Staying here is such a treat!

Every slip has phone connections,
In the lounge wide-screen TV!
Electricity - just plug in.
Wi-Fi Internet is free!

We can run our air-conditioner,
Set the freezer to make ice!
Giant awnings shade our decks now.
Keeping cool is really nice!

The big pool is so refreshing,
All our friends meet there each day!
Soaks and chats are friendly pleasures
And we have so much to say!

Major markets are so handy
Reprovisioning's a joy!
All the chandlers make us happy
Stocking every needed toy!

Every restaurant just loves us
And their menus are first-rate!
Gourmet tastes or fish and chips -
Forget diets - heap our plates!

At the club cold beer is flowing,
Happy hours begin at five!
There's a party every evening
Makes us glad to be alive!

Yes, the season is upon us.
Soon we're planning to depart.
Just a few more jobs to do now,
And we're waiting for that part.

Then we'll put away the dock lines
And we'll raise both jib and main.
(If the wind's not right we'll motor
Because tacking is a pain.)

We just love the cruising lifestyle -
Wand'ring free in foreign parts,
Breaking loose from normal humdrum -
We're such rebels, in our hearts.

And we've heard of a marina
Where the rates are really low
And where everything is lovely!
That's the next place we will go!