Jerry's Cruising Poems


The dish of Life's a blend of many flavors,
A super stew for all to taste and savor.
We all contribute something to the pot,
Some just filler, others spicy hot.
You're a chunk that some find hard to chew.
Audacious and original, it's true,
But in that massive chest there beats a heart
With love for friends both near and far apart.
We almost lost you, Hugh, in this past year,
A scary time for all who hold you dear.

Now as the seasons pass we take big bites
And enjoy all we can of days and nights.
In Spring we celebrate mud's fragrant ooze,
A bouquet rich as Caribbean booze.
The bird that warbles Summer’s lovely song
Delights us after bold migrations long.
The colors Autumn splashes on the trees
Are from a palette guaranteed to please.
Cold Winter piles up snow on frozen lands
And we respond with strengths to meet demands.

We picture you at home: In our mind’s eye
A glass is in your hand, you're warm and dry,
Across the table smile two eyes of blue,
A source of love which is forever true.
A hearty soup adds fragrance to the air
While Scruffy snuggles close with wiry hair.
Your dreams will soon become realities –
You’ll sail again upon adventure’s seas.
Because you’re with us now we have our wish –
There’s still your special flavor in Life’s dish.

Written in January 2000 for a friend who is a good cook as well as a cruiser.