Jerry's Cruising Poems

Cruising Crew

One bright and breezy afternoon as I strolled by the bay
A little yacht with lovely lines came sailing up my way.
It headed towards a floating dock where no one was ashore
So I went out to lend a hand, as we've all done before.

With varnished wood and pleasant curves designed for cruising action,
This pretty boat was certainly a source of satisfaction.
The skipper deftly swung the helm and smartly eased the sheets
To bring the boat beside the dock in easy reach of cleats.

A lovely lady walked up front and lifted the bow line.
Her yachting clothes were all in style, the finest in design:
Sun visor, deck shoes, padded gloves, with matching shirt and shorts –
Approving looks would come her way in all the sailing ports.

Her eyes were lustrous, smiling, warm. I felt her potent charm.
She passed the forward line to me with easy stretch of arm.
I cleated, paused, then stared in shock because the other end
Was unattached and so the bow was swinging off again.

The skipper saw my puzzled look, then called up to his crew
“My darling, tie the rope somewhere – quick, anyplace will do.”
With graceful moves she made a loop around the top lifeline.
It wasn’t Bristol fashion but her smile was mighty fine.

I caught the skipper's stern line and the boat was soon made fast.
He said his thanks, then made a soft apologetic laugh.
“She's still quite new to sailing, but is keen to learn it all.
We'll start a lengthy voyage to the islands in the Fall.”

I liked that skipper's attitude. He wasn't Captain Bligh.
No angry words for a mistake, just have another try.
Their cruise will be a great success. They'll find their tropic sun.
That skipper and his lovely mate will have a lot of fun.

Our sailing skills help us to cruise, but rich lives are the goal.
A person's other gifts and skills contribute to the whole.
We all have faults and special needs affecting what we do.
It's tolerance and compromise that make a happy crew.

Published in the Commodores Bulletin of the Seven Seas Cruising Association, June 2010