Jerry's Cruising Poems

Cruisers Christmas Party

In holiday season, tradition demands
The cruisers to gather in faraway lands.
Each one of us different, we all do a part,
Create an event to brighten all hearts.
This is the story of one of those times,
Tauranga, New Zealand, 1999.

‘Twas the week before Christmas the cruisers went out
To have a big party down at the Sea Scouts.
The tree was all covered with photos and chains,
Above were balloons and wild snowflakes arranged.
The tables were loaded with lovely pot luck,
And everyone ate until they were full up.
The children were checking the presents, all eyes,
While others kept munching “Ballerina’s” pies.
Old Santa was coming, said “Balmacara”
The forecast was good, but he had to come far.
When Santa arrived he had lights on his hat,
A striped bag of goodies, and wow was he fat!
He gave many presents to every child,
While parents with cameras recorded their smiles.
The adults got gifts which made them smile too,
Then “Attitude” gave us some quizzes to do.
Peter led the carols, the kids all played games,
Some people read name tags to learn all our names.
We all had good fun and were glad to be here.
No telling where we will be this time next year.

Published in Commodores’ Bulletin of the Seven Seas Cruising Association

Most of this was written and read during the party as the winning entry in that event's poetry-writing contest.