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Wallis Island

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Anchorage (17 KB) Kids Sailing (44 KB) Cathedral Tower (62 KB) Cathedral (57 KB) Ultralight (8 KB)
Wallis Anchorage Canoe Models Cathedral Tower Cathedral at Wharf Chartered Ultralight

Reef (27 KB)

Lake Lalolalo (60 KB)

Lucy Adrian (81 KB)

Lalolalo (77 KB)

Tongan site (101 KB)

Entry (100 KB)
Reef & Pass Lake Lalolalo "Da Capo" Crew Lake Lalolalo Tongan Site Big Rock Lintel

wall (97 KB)

outer wall top (122 KB)

nner walls (119 KB)

Pineapple (92 KB)

Pigpen (98 KB)
Outer Wall Top of Outer Wall Inner Walls Growing Pineapple Wallis Pigpen