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New Georgia

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Barry Selina Boys (79 KB) Patio (101 KB) Fay Barry Zed Selina (62 KB) Graves (111 KB) WW2 Barge (56 KB)
Doke Doke Island Barry & Selina's Patio Fay, Barry, Zed & Selina Missionary Graves WWII Barge

WW2 Dock (98 KB)

Landing Ramp (106 KB)

Munda Airstrip (54 KB)

Bennett House (82 KB)

Jimmy Bennett Nina (59 KB)
WWII Dock WWII Landing Ramp Munda Airstrip Jimmy's House Nina & Jimmy Bennett

Jimmy Bennett (60 KB)

machine guns (95 KB)

Propeller (102 KB)
Jimmy in Uniform Jimmy With Machine Guns Jimmy's Propeller