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Other Puerto Rican Photos

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205 Dorothy and Dan on Coffin Island.JPG (61 KB) 210 Organ Pipe Cactus With Flowers.JPG (61 KB) 215 Coffin Island View From Top of Hill.JPG (34 KB) 220 Walk on Coffin Island D-D.JPG (55 KB) 130 Nina Sailing Dinghy in Salinas 1995.JPG (36 KB)
Coffin Island Organ Pipe Cactus Caja de Muertos Coffin Island Dinghy in Salinas

300 recibo.JPG (46 KB)

305 Arecibo 2.JPG (38 KB)

310 Rio Camuy Caves.JPG (74 KB)

320 Mom in Vehicle To Go Inside Cave.JPG (64 KB)

315 Mom at Caves.JPG (66 KB)

390 Mom Sailing To St. Thomas.JPG (41 KB)
Arecibo Observatory Arecibo Radio Telescope Rio Camuy Caves Rio Camuy Caves Rio Camuy Caves Culebra to St.Thomas