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Panama 1998

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105 San Blas Islands Women.JPG (63 KB) 120 Panama Jerry With Tires For Canal.JPG (58 KB) 125 Panama Approaching Container Ship in Canal.JPG (54 KB) 130 Panama In Canal Behind Container Ship.JPG (44 KB) 150 Pilot, Gerd At Wheel, Dorothy, French Linehandler.JPG (90 KB)
San Blas Women Tires For Fenders Toward Canal In Canal Dorothy & Gerd
132 Panama Gates Closing.JPG (41 KB) 134 Panama Canal Gates Closing Behind Us.JPG (42 KB) 136 Panama Jerry and Raoul Our Pilot.JPG (58 KB) 137 Panama Gate House With Lock Full of Water.JPG (49 KB) 138 Panama Canal Locks Almost Open.JPG (41 KB) 139 Panama Gates Opening to Pacific.JPG (39 KB)
Gates Closing Gates Closing Pilot Raoul Gate House Locks Open To Pacific
140 Panama Map 1 Atlantic Ocean.JPG (54 KB) 142 Panama Map 2.JPG (61 KB) 144 Panama Map 3.JPG (61 KB) 146 Panama Map 4.JPG (68 KB) 148 Panama Map 5 Pacific Ocean.JPG (66 KB)
Atlantic Ocean Gatun Lake Gaillard Cut Miraflores Lake Pacific Ocean