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South Island Road Trip January 1999

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Jerry in Moeraki Boulder.JPG (90 KB) Mount Cook in Distance.JPG (84 KB) Mount Cook Picnic With JNG.JPG (84 KB) Mt Cook Area Campground NinaJerry.JPG (66 KB) Jerry Putting Up Tent Near Mt Cook.JPG (76 KB) Mount Cook JNBirgitGerd.JPG (64 KB)
Moeraki Boulder Mount Cook Mount Cook Waitaki Reserve Waitaki Reserve Lake Pukahi

Jerry Making Coffee.JPG (72 KB)

Penguin Crossing.JPG (65 KB)

South Island Royal Albatross Mating.JPG (133 KB)

Blue Penguins.JPG (127 KB)

South Island Yellow-Eyed Penguins.JPG (98 KB)

Waiting in the Car For Sheep In Road.JPG (58 KB)
Waitaki Reserve Penguin Crossing Royal Albatross Blue Penguins Yellow-Eyed Penguins Waiting For Sheep

Milford Sound Boat Lady Bowen.JPG (77 KB)

Milford Sound Waterfalls.JPG (42 KB)

Milford Sound Hills.JPG (60 KB)

Milford Sound Snow Nina Birgit Gerd.JPG (60 KB)

Hollyford Cabin Inside J,N,Gerd.JPG (86 KB)

Hollyford Camp NinaJerryBirgit.JPG (39 KB)
Milford Sound Milford Sound Milford Sound Near Homer Tunnel Hollyford Camp Hollyford Camp