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Russell & Opua, Bay of Islands

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462 Bay of Islands Russell Cannon.JPG (74 KB) 400 Russell Tall Ships Race Starting Line Chaos.JPG (38 KB) 404 Russell Tall Ships Soren Larsen.JPG (43 KB) 462 Bay of Islands Russell Cannon.JPG (31 KB) 450 Bay of Islands 2003 Cape Brett hole in rock 2.JPG (36 KB)
Picnic in Russell Russell Tall Ships Race Soren Larsen The Fleet Cape Brett

436 Bay of Islands Dez Radio Operator Weather.JPG (46 KB)

418 Russell Siome Crew.JPG (42 KB)

422 Russell Jerry Helping Raise Siome Foresail.JPG (46 KB)

466 Bay of Islands Martha At Work 2003.JPG (55 KB)

464 Bay of Islands Martha Meyers Art Project.JPG (55 KB)
Des Renner in Opua Siome Crew Raise Siome's Foresail Artist Martha Martha's Art Project