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Other North Island Photos

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720 placemat NZ 2003 2.JPG (45 KB) Twisted Sisters at Whangamumu.JPG (43 KB) 156 PeterJudi at Tjibaoli Cultural Center.JPG (66 KB) 162 Welby Serving Tuatuas.JPG (53 KB) 160 Welbys Camper.JPG (126 KB)
Collage Twisted Sisters Pete & Judi Tuatuas On Grill Welby & Camper

730 placemat NZ north 2.JPG (45 KB)

460 Artsy Toilet 2003.JPG (47 KB)

Wakaya ChrisGeoff in New Cal.JPG (55 KB)

458 Whangamumu Boilers.JPG (75 KB)

360 Kawau Island Coppermine Through Trees.JPG (57 KB)
Collage Artsy Toilet Chris & Geoff Boilers for Whaling Old Copper Mine