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Marlborough Sounds 2000

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Mt Taranaki closeup.JPG (27 KB) 210 NZ 2000 Endeavour.JPG (66 KB) Endeavour Replica in Picton at Anchor.JPG (73 KB) TullamoreDew Ruth and Don White.JPG (29 KB) Ian and Edna Playing Scrabble.JPG (89 KB) 770 Vavau 1999 Sea Lily II Sailing Dinghy.JPG (40 KB)
Mt. Taranaki Endeavour Endeavour Ruth & Don Ian & Edna Ian & Edna

Ian, Edna, Jerry in the woods.JPG (64 KB)

Edna, Ian, Jerry play bridge.JPG (95 KB)

Jerry catching bait.JPG (59 KB)

four bait fish in bucket.JPG (47 KB)

little ray on our hook.JPG (29 KB)

740 placemat Pelorus Sound.JPG (78 KB)
On a Trek Bridge Bait Fish Bait Fish Small Ray Placemat