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Keri Keri, Bay of Islands

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Christmas 2003 Auralyn II Crater Bay.JPG (35 KB) Christmas 2003 Pat Auralyn II Carves Turkey.JPG (90 KB) Jerry With Charlie the Bird on His Head.JPG (50 KB) Christmas 2003 Feast.JPG (76 KB) Peter Grills Oysters On Jerrys Birthday.JPG (68 KB)
Auralyn II Pat Carves Turkey Charlie Flies to Visit Kate & Christmas Feast Peter Grills Oysters

Christmas 2003 Ron - Shannon.JPG (60 KB)

Christmas Pudding With Brandy Sauce.JPG (66 KB)

Christmas 2003 Emma.JPG (71 KB)

Christmas 2003Arctracer - Pohutukawa.JPG (102 KB)
Ron & Shannon Christmas Pudding Emma Arctracer & Pohutukawa