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Hilary in Tauranga-Auckland Area Dec1998

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Kauri Tree Hilary Hugging.JPG (110 KB) Kauri Tree on Coromandel Peninsula.JPG (74 KB) Kauri Tree at Waipoua Forest 1500 year old.JPG (127 KB) Mount Overlooking Mt Maunganui Beach.JPG (93 KB) Mt Manganui View of Ocean from Top.JPG (51 KB) Pohutukawa Tree On The Mount.JPG (102 KB)
Kauri Tree Kauri Tree Kauri Tree Maunganui Beach Maunganui Pohutukawa Tree

Rafting Hilary and crew in raft.JPG (96 KB)

Rafting McLaren Falls.JPG (69 KB)

Rafting Warren, Geraint, Hilary, Bryn on Arctracer After White Water Rafting.JPG (63 KB)

One Tree With Support Wires Near Auckland.JPG (51 KB)

One Tree Hill View of Auckland.JPG (43 KB)

Pohutukawa Trees.JPG (93 KB)
Rafting McLaren Falls Hilary & Friends One Tree Hill Auckland Pohutukawa Flowers