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Nina on Tui, Hilary on Toma and Jerry on Wikitoria With Guide Mike


Taranaki Falls With Hilary
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Horse Trekking N on Tui, J on Wikitoria(Victoria)H on Toma(Thomas)

Horse Trekking John and Mike
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We had a wonderful day horse trekking with John Smythe of Owhango (phone number 07-895-4401) and his friend Mike. Near the beginning we crossed a river and got water in our gumboots. Then John and Mike often had to use their machetes to cut branches so we could continue on an overgrown trail. What a surprise we had when we got to a rustic shelter in the wilderness and were served lamb and salad for lunch! Here Nina is riding Tui, while Jerry is riding Wikitoria (Victoria) and Hilary is riding Toma (Thomas).