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Our Horse-Trekking Guides John & Mike


Horse Trekking N on Tui, J on Wikitoria(Victoria)H on Toma(Thomas)
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Horse Trekking John and Mike

Craters of the Moon in Taupo Christmas Dinner With Chicken
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John Smythe of Owhango and his friend Mike are delightful Maoris we were with for nearly 7 hours. First they took us riding on a dirt road to see what our ability was and to decide where to take us. Then we forded a river and had a long ride through a forest. They have been friends since childhood and work very well together. They would have let us camp on their property but after so many hours on horses we decided to stay in a motel where we could have a very hot bath and recover from our long day in the saddle. Here John and Mike relax at a rustic shelter in the forest where they served a delicious lunch.