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Abel Tasman Track Kayaking With Polly & John 2000

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Thanks to Polly for most of these photos.

Loading the Kayaks.JPG (75 KB)

NinaJerry in Double Kayak.JPG (58 KB)

John and Coromorants.JPG (101 KB)

Kayaks on Beach.JPG (94 KB)

John Leaving Campsite.JPG (108 KB)
Loading Kayaks Jerry, Nina & John Coromorants & John Beached Kayaks Leaving Campsite

John, Nina, Jerry.JPG (100 KB)

John and Bridge.JPG (98 KB)

PollyJohn With Waterfall in Background.JPG (109 KB)

Dinner on Beach.JPG (111 KB)

700 placemat Abel Tasman.JPG (72 KB)
Jerry, Nina & John John Near Bridge John & Polly Dinner on Beach Placemat