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Nina, Janet, Bryan and Steven at Computer Games Shop


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Here is Nina with Janet, Steven and their son Bryan. They met us at the airport when we arrived in Myanmar, took us to their home so that we could leave several books for Janet to use at the school where she teaches, introduced us to Yangon, treated us to lunch and took us to a downtown guesthouse. When we returned from the north they met us again for dinner at one of their favorite restaurants. Janet is Edna's sister and Danny's aunt on his mother's side. Steven is also called Sein Hoke, and Bryan's Burmese name is Pyaesonekaungkhant. We often found Burmese names difficult to remember and pronounce correctly. Like most modern teenagers, Bryan is computer-literate and enjoys computer games. He also showed us his musical (keyboard) talent and is a star pupil in a very good school. Nina gave Janet some school supplies which she used to present an English lesson to several hundred students at her school while we were touring in the northern part of Burma. It was neat to see her photos of the presentation. This is a very nice and very talented family.