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Sokehs Rock.JPG (108 KB) anchored boats.JPG (118 KB) anchorage.JPG (114 KB) Bamboo Raft.JPG (195 KB) Antiaircraft Gun.JPG (213 KB) Japanese Gun.JPG (240 KB)
Entrance to Anchorage Anchorage Anchorage Bamboo Raft Japanese Gun Japanese Gun

Spanish Wall.JPG (67 KB)

Grave.JPG (75 KB)

Trail.JPG (103 KB)

Waterfall.JPG (98 KB)

Dance Leader.JPG (43 KB)

Spit.JPG (89 KB)
Spanish Wall Gravesite Trail to Waterfall Kepirohi Waterfall Dance Leader Betelnut Sign

Little Girls.JPG (140 KB)

Girls.JPG (133 KB)

Dancing Girls.JPG (159 KB)

Pohnpei Dance.JPG (146 KB)

Jerry Nina.JPG (151 KB)

Bonito Chase.JPG (155 KB)
Dancers Dancers Dancers Pohnpei Dance Dancers Headdresses Ant Atoll