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Tioman Island, Malaysia to Ko Samui, Thailand

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Eagle flying.JPG (116 KB) DLagoon Resort on Perhentian Kecil.JPG (201 KB) Perhentian Island stairway.JPG (175 KB) Arctracer near Perhentian Stairway.JPG (85 KB) Redang resort in Teluk Dalam NE bay.JPG (173 KB) Redang resorts on Pasir Panjang east beach.JPG (144 KB)
Redang dock towed away 30 Sept.JPG (146 KB)
Sea Eagle Perhentian Perhentian Perhentian Redang Redang Redang

ominous cloud.JPG (128 KB)

strange cloud.JPG (141 KB)

cloud of 50 knots 30 Sept.JPG (110 KB)

jellyfish which extended tentacles.JPG (151 KB)

Jerry cuts rope off prop shaft.JPG (162 KB)

Malaysian Police Boat at Redang Pasir Panjang.JPG (160 KB)
Kapas small island.JPG (162 KB)
Big Cloud Bigger Cloud 50 Knot Cloud Jellyfish Rope on Prop Polis Bot Kapas

stripey longtail.JPG (161 KB)

Redang snorkelers.JPG (184 KB)

squid at Kapas.JPG (115 KB)

squid boat at night.JPG (175 KB)

Male pigeon.JPG (131 KB)

pumpkin 4kg.JPG (181 KB)

Pulau Tenggol.JPG (144 KB)
Longtail Snorkelers Squid Squid Boat Male Pigeon 4kg Pumpkin Pulau Tenggol