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Langkawi Photos by Hilary in 2007

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Langkawi Islands Approaching Airport.JPG (19 KB) Bagel Smoked Salmon and Salad.JPG (60 KB) Dusky Langurs with Light-colored Baby.JPG (140 KB) Macaque on Handrail of Stairs to Seven Wells.JPG (67 KB) Arc Walk at top of Cable Car ride.JPG (112 KB) Seven Wells from Cable Car.JPG (82 KB) Hilary with 4 guys from Penang at top of cablecar ride.JPG (29 KB)
Langkawi Islands New York Bagel Dusky Langurs Macaque Arc Walk Seven Wells Hilary & Penang Guys
Hilarys Thanksgiving Meal.JPG (106 KB) Bike Ride Dragon Fruit Cactus-Looking Plants.JPG (195 KB) Dragon Fruit Photo by Jerry.JPG (33 KB) Rita's Bike at Telaga Marina.JPG (74 KB) Bas Sekolah.JPG (105 KB) Wedding Day Photo.JPG (81 KB)
Thanksgiving Dinner Dragon Fruit Plants Dragon Fruit Rita's Bike Bas Sekolah Malaysian Wedding
Gifts given to us at Malaysian wedding.JPG (98 KB) Kuah Walkway over tidal river.JPG (63 KB) House Prop for Anna and the King.JPG (136 KB) Hilary's Shadow on Kayak Hanging on Arctracer.JPG (71 KB) Fauxtobooth_mom.JPG (49 KB) Syook Cafe Edamame.JPG (96 KB) Langkawi End of White Bldg with Water Reflection.JPG (59 KB)
Gifts to H & N Kuah Walkway Anna & King Set Hilary's Shadow Nina in Fauxtobooth Edamame Reflection in Kuah