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Nosy Komba

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load-of-bags (165 KB) unfinished (216 KB) load-of-sticks (126 KB) vanilla (117 KB) embroidery (187 KB) fishtrap (202 KB)
Load of Bags Unfinished Canoe Load of Sticks Vanilla Embroidery Fish Trap

butterfly (210 KB)

sign (118 KB)

male-lemur (151 KB)

two-female-lemurs (147 KB)

female-lemur (235 KB)
Butterfly Sign Male Black Lemur Two Females Female Lemur

trail (107 KB)

Hellville (220 KB)

male-chameleon (194 KB)

female-chameleon (195 KB)

repair (133 KB)
Mountain Trail Hellville Male Chameleon Female Chameleon Pipe Repair