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Komodo Dragons

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on dock.JPG (142 KB) big.JPG (209 KB) water hole.JPG (146 KB) our scent.JPG (194 KB) looks up.JPG (193 KB) walking.JPG (209 KB) big 2.JPG (188 KB)
Our First Nine Feet Long Near Water Hole Getting Our Scent Looking Up Strolling Big Guy

head.JPG (170 KB)

tired.JPG (169 KB)

looks.JPG (171 KB)

trap.JPG (179 KB)

going by.JPG (195 KB)

last.JPG (171 KB)

nest.JPG (204 KB)
Head Closeup Looking Tired Smile! Two by Trap Passing By Sunbather Dragon's Nest

lazy.JPG (173 KB)

climbing.JPG (124 KB)

under ranger station.JPG (107 KB)

waiting.JPG (120 KB)

looks around.JPG (190 KB)
Lazy Pair Climber Homebody Quartet Looking Around