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Yanuca Island (Budd Reef)

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Litiana (77 KB) Ismeli (100 KB) Jack (78 KB) Lina Dawai (91 KB) Jumping Off Cliff (68 KB) Balolo in Water (98 KB)
Litiana Cooking Ismeli, Litiana's Husband Son Jack Lina Dawai Jumping Off Cliff Balolo

Balolo Scooping (99 KB)

Balolo Gathering (92 KB)

Balolo Wading (91 KB)

Balolo Dishpan (151 KB)

Balolo Fritters (76 KB)

Roni Scooping (97 KB)
Nina Scooping Balolo Balolo Gathering Wading For Bololo Balolo Balolo Fritters Roni Scooping Balolo