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Photos of African Birds

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Bee-eaters Index

Hornbills Index

Ibis-Heron-Flamingo Index

Raptors Index

Bustard-Ostrich-Secretary-Fowl Index
Bee-eaters Hornbills Ibis, Heron,
Raptors Bustard, Ostrich,
Crane, Secretary, Fowl

Roller-Weaver-Quela Index

Dove-Shrike-Wagtail-Swallow-GoAway Index

Cisticola-Starling-Oxpecker-Coucal-Lapwing Index

Waterbirds Index

Storks Index

Sunbird-Sugarbird-Widowbird-Whydah Index
Weaver, Bulbul, Sparrow
Roller, Hoopoe, Quela
Dove, Shrike, Wagtail,
Swallow, Go-Away
Coucal, Plover, Starling
Cisticola, Oxpecker
Waterbirds Storks Sunbird, Sugarbird,
Widowbird, Whydah