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Benguela Current Wildlife

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Albatross (170 KB) Albatross-Blk-Browed-Juv (156 KB) Common-Tern (155 KB) Tern (145 KB) Flock (180 KB) Storm-Petrel (176 KB)
Albatross Albatross Common Tern Tern Flock of Terns Storm Petrel
Gannets (110 KB) Gannets-Flying (181 KB) Gannets-Swimming (134 KB) Shearwater (118 KB) Shearwater-1 (140 KB) Shearwater-Wh-Chin (161 KB) Shearwater-Wh-Chin-2 (175 KB)
Gannets Gannets Gannets White-chinned Petrel White-chinned Petrel Shearwater Shearwater
Whale-Fin (205 KB) Whale-Hump (142 KB) Whale-Tail (154 KB) Seal-Dock (94 KB) Seals (143 KB) Seals-Basking (141 KB)
Humpback Fin Whale Back Whale Flukes Seal Seals Seals