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African Animals

Favorite Photos of African Animals

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Cape-Grysbok-N (204 KB) Kudu-Buck (193 KB) Buffalo portrait (111 KB) Elephant (167 KB) Hippo-pair (148 KB) Rhino & Baby (224 KB)
Cape Grysbok Kudu Buck Cape Buffalo Elephant Hippopotamus Rhino & Baby

Elephant & Impala (191 KB)

Vervet-baby (111 KB)

Dung-Beetles (224 KB)

Hyena-water (236 KB)

Vervet-Male (148 KB)

Zebra & baby (212 KB)
Elephant & Impala Vervet Baby Dung Beetles Spotted Hyena Vervet Male Zebra & Baby

Cheetah-2 (191 KB)

Adder1 (205 KB)

Lioness-2 (193 KB)

Warthog beauty (205 KB)

Leopard-1 (173 KB)
Cheetah Puff Adder Lioness Warthog Leopard