Jerry's Cruising Poems


If your browser has Javascript enabled then this poem appears with the first eleven stanzas in a random order. Each of those stanzas is related to a different aspect of chameleons and there is no reason for them to be read in one particular order. You can change the sequence by hitting your browser's "reload" key (usually a curling arrow symbol). The number of possible sequences is 39,916,800 ("11!" or "eleven factorial") so you are unlikely to see the same arrangement twice. This is appropriate in a poem about an animal which has become a metaphor for changes in appearance.

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Male Chameleon (194 KB) Female Chameleon (195 KB) Black-White-Chameleon (211 KB) Panther Chameleon (116 KB) Chameleon (227 KB) bluenose (145 KB) brownish (192 KB) dwarf (189 KB)