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Bangkok's Wat Pho

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Sunny passes through guarded gate.JPG (162 KB) temple roofs.JPG (156 KB) small towers.JPG (181 KB) old chinese guys.JPG (174 KB)
Guarded Gate Temple Roofs Small Towers Chinese Guys

Reclining Buddha head.JPG (168 KB)

Reclining Buddha.JPG (146 KB)

Reclining Buddha feet.JPG (183 KB)

Reclining Buddha feet inlaid with mother-of-pearl.JPG (179 KB)

sign about reclining Buddhas.JPG (113 KB)
Buddha Head Buddha Body Buddha Feet Buddha Foot Reclining Info

bronze lion.JPG (140 KB)

gray tower.JPG (138 KB)

peek at Buddha.JPG (156 KB)

wat tower.JPG (186 KB)
Bronze Lion Gray Tower Peek at Buddha Wat Tower