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Tha Ton & Boating on Kok River

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morning mist on hills.JPG (113 KB) Buddha under Naga with flowers.JPG (82 KB) Naga head-on.JPG (120 KB) hilltop stupa under construction.JPG (87 KB) Kwan Yin.JPG (93 KB) view from hilltop down Kok River.JPG (97 KB)
Morning Mist Buddha & Flowers Buddha & Naga Hilltop Stupa Kwan Yin View Down River
locals in boat.JPG (154 KB) attack of the frog ladies.JPG (134 KB) portable water pump.JPG (131 KB) riverside home.JPG (189 KB) Nina, boatman and Nadia from Italy.JPG (118 KB) tourist longtail.JPG (158 KB)
Rivermen Frog Ladies Water Pump Riverside Home Nina & Nadia Tourist Longtail
orange flowers covering roof.JPG (111 KB) fisherman with cast net and small dugout.JPG (152 KB) sand dredge.JPG (123 KB) boy on bamboo raft.JPG (162 KB) fishermen with nets.JPG (119 KB) Chubby.JPG (101 KB)
Roof Covering Cast Net Sand Dredge Bamboo Raft Fishermen Chubby