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Cave of the Big-Headed Ghost

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Nina climbs to Big-Headed Ghost Cave.JPG (95KB)

cave interior 1.JPG (123KB)

cave interior 2.JPG (98KB)

cave of big-headed ghost 1.JPG (77KB)

stalactites.JPG (113KB)

inside cave of big-headed ghost.JPG (68KB)
Cave Entrance Interior Stalactites Interior Stalactites Inside Cave

stalactites-stalagmites.JPG (124KB)

eleven-fingered hands painting.JPG (80KB)

bird painting.JPG (127KB)

spaceman painting.JPG (109KB)

Thanboke Koranee National Park Ghost Painting (by Claire).JPG (96KB)

man flying painting.JPG (131KB)
Limestone Eleven-Fingered Hands Bird Painting Spaceman Big-Headed Ghost Flying Man