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On Passage Ko Lanta to Langkawi

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210 Claire tails while Jerry raises mainsail.JPG (73 KB)

250 Claire Arctracer Spinnaker.JPG (32 KB)

214 Jerry at the wheel.JPG (52 KB)

238 Claire Sunset Over Ko Kradan Closeup.JPG (24 KB)

242 Claire Limestone Islands and Tug Before Ko Muk.JPG (56 KB)
Raising Sail Spinnaker Jerry Ko Kradan Tug

244 Claire Longtail With Raised Seat.JPG (45 KB)

246 Claire Limestone Cliffs.JPG (77 KB)

254 Longtail with pots.JPG (89 KB)

256 squid fishing boat.JPG (77 KB)

208 Hin Changkap.JPG (60 KB)
Raised Seat Longtails Crab Pots Squid Boat Hin Changkap