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Chicken Islands

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Jellyfish.JPG (16 KB)

Nemo in Anemone.JPG (40 KB)

Steph Nico snorkel.JPG (142 KB)

Razor Fish at Chicken Islands.JPG (36 KB)

Polyclad Flatworm at Yacht Haven Marina.JPG (25 KB)
Jellyfish Clown Fish Steph & Nico Razor Fish Flatworm

Lionfish At Chicken Islands.JPG (18 KB)

Ko Yao Noi Overhang.JPG (78 KB)

Ko Yao Noi Rock Tower.JPG (48 KB)

Wat On Hillside Near Chicken Islands.JPG (18 KB)
Lionfish Ko Yao Noi Ko Yao Noi Royal Residence