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Phuket Tour & Yacht Haven Marina

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Phuket Ao Chalong pier.JPG (44 KB) Phuket Broom Seller.JPG (79 KB) Phuket Shadow Puppets.JPG (125 KB) Phuket Flower Seller.JPG (130 KB) Phuket Young Buddhist Monks.JPG (134 KB) Phuket Market.JPG (86 KB) Phuket Shrine.JPG (97 KB)
Ao Chalong Pier Broom Seller Shadow Puppets Flower Seller Young Monks Phuket Market Shrine

Phuket Water Buffalos Wallowing.JPG (124 KB)

Phuket Kamala Beach.JPG (99 KB)

Phuket Father of Thai navy and Phromthep Lighthouse.JPG (50 KB)

Phuket Elephant Shrine 2.JPG (92 KB)

Phuket Elephant Shrine 3.JPG (91 KB)

Phuket Yacht Haven Pat Tastes Various Beers.JPG (52 KB)

Phuket Yacht Haven Kalizma.JPG (80 KB)
Water Buffalo Kamala Beach Phromthep Lighthouse Elephant Shrine Elephant Shrine Beer Choices Yacht Kalizma